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Grand-Daddy of a Doll House

 I  I am so excited to show you this new thing that ReallyRosey is starting to sell.  My husband (a.k.a. Umpa as the grand's call him) make the granddaughters a dollhouse.  Now like most things that Umpa makes it is a little over the top.  He seems to think that bigger is better.  This is not your average dollhouse.  This is a heirloom that will be passed on from generations to generations.  The doll house is made out of premium woods and is like most of our friendly.  This is not made out of plastic!  Everything is sanded and sealed.    I think he spent as much time building this as he did building our home!

Our one granddaughter climbs up on it and sits on the sundeck of the house while she plays with it.  Umpa calls this house a beach house.  There are 4 rooms with a sundeck, stairs and a carport......just incase the people who live in it have a car.

measures 45  1/2 inches long,  16 inches wide and 26 inches high..........which is pretty big.  I have been buying wooden furniture from a local toy store.  If you purchase this we will provide the link to their store. 

Local purchases can be picked up and if you need it sent UPS will let me know because of the weight what the price of shipping will be. 

Doll house is $200



If you are interested I have lots of other photo's of this doll house.  My daughter says that there isn't a day that the girls don't play with it and not to mention all of the friends that love it also!

I also have one like it but painted pink with blue shutters.  The pink (lady) is about the same size but has actual siding on all of the outside walls.  same prices $200