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Clutch Wipe/Diaper


This is one of ReallyRosey's favorite items. A clutch to put a package of wipes and a few diapers in. My daughter loved hers and kept it stocked in her big diaper bag at all times to "grab & go." I make this one that not only holds the cute little new born diaper but also fits the 2year old size! I have seen a similiar item on the market and you have to slide the diapers in through a small top opening. I don't have a lot of patience and can't imagine putting three big diapers in know they will bunch up.

The reason for putting this in your bag is because if you put the diapers loose in your big diaper they get rumpled up and you end up throwing the diaper away.... $$$ But with having the diapers and wipes together they will be there when you need them. Now i have come up with the idea but you are going to have to remember to fill it up yourself!

made of cotton and quilted with polyfill between the in and outside. machine washable. has a velcro closure and also a wrist strap that can be hung on the stroller.

holds wipes, diapers, cell phone, lipstick and a debit card!!!

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